West Cliff Fire

We can’t allow another inferno on the West Cliff

The West Cliff attracts so much wild life and is a place of natural beauty. We as members of the West Cliff Green Residents Association care for the local environment in which we live. The devastation caused by the fire on the cliff in July 2010 is still very evident nearly three years on. The following article was reported in the Bournemouth Echo:

8:30am Friday 2nd July 2010 in Letters to the Editor

BLAZE: Fire sweeps the West Cliff on Sunday night. Picture: Rob Ferns
BLAZE: Fire sweeps the West Cliff on Sunday night

The very significant fire on the cliff on Sunday evening is clear evidence that the risks of allowing any barbecue on the Westcliff Green is too great. We can only be grateful that the fire brigade were so effective since, for those of us who live close to the trees on the cliff our very lives could be at risk by an uncontrolled fire.